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Ready to cancel your timeshare?

Our timeshare associates can answer your questions and concerns. To learn more about how we can help to resolve your timeshare scam problem in the most positive manner possible, please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

  • No fees upfront

    Timeshare Cancellation no Upfront Fee<br>

    If we cancel your timeshare scam contract we get paid, if not, you don´t waste any money.

    The timeshare industry is full of timeshare fraud; there are reviews all over the internet with timeshare complaints about timeshare scam. Don´t risk any more money, At Mexican timeshare solutions we have the necessary timeshare fraud and know how legally cancel your timeshare contract We are so sure of the results we can provide to you that we are willing to work on a contingency basis to prove you we are a company truly committed to help Timeshare fraud victims.

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  • Recover your down payment

     Timeshare Cancellation Recover Money

    We understand that you have worked hard for your money and we do not rest until you do.

    Being a victim of timeshare scam is bad already; but investing a large amount of money into a timeshare that does not hold the promised value is even worse.  Rely in Mexican timeshare solutions in order to help you trying to recover your money. We know how timeshare works. Companies such as Villa del Palmar, Royal Holliday, Royal Elite or Mayan Palace timeshare scam might persuade you to purchase under false promises and leave you with thousands of owed money in credit card.

    Timeshare scam companies will do their best in order to get you to purchase a Timeshare. Mexican timeshare solutions will do our best to get you out of Timeshare fraud.

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  • Maintain clean credit score

     Timeshare  Cancellation Clean Credit Score

    Contact us today to ensure you maintain an impeccable credit rating.

    At Mexican timeshare solutions we care about you. We have extensive knowledge in tricks used commonly by timeshare scams in order to pressure customers to keep their timeshare fraud contract. Timeshare cancel is a great option for clients looking to get out of their timeshare scam.

    Do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you feel you are a victim of a fraudulent purchase.

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  • Stop payments immediately

     Timeshare Cancel no Payments

    Don´t waste money on an unwanted timeshare; hire our services today and stop paying now.

    Why spend more money down the drain on a timeshare fraud when you can cut your losses and even recover some if not all of the money paid to a timeshare scam? MTS has served people who are victims of Villa del Palmar Timeshare and Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam and has successfully helped thousands to get out of payments of an unwanted vacations ownership membership that does not hold any value to their owners.

    Do not make any more payments to a time share scam when you can use that money to your retirement, your kid's college or even an exciting vacation but on your own terms.

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MTS makes a difference when cancelling your timeshare contract

  • Highly trained Professionals.

     Timeshare Cancellation Professionals

    We are aware of all the tricks used to sell timeshares and we have the knowledge and resources available to cancel your contract as quickly and as easily as possible.

    Mexican timeshare solutions is a company that specializes in helping clients on timeshare cancel. We base our principals on honesty, integrity and commitment to customers. Some of our staff at Mexican timeshare solutions have also been victims of Timeshare fraud and can therefore relate to their customers’ struggle to cancel their timeshare contracts. We realize how difficult it is to get out of a contract of this nature and how frustrating it is to waste your money without receiving any benefit in return from the timeshare company. timeshare laws in Mexico usually are difficult to understand as they are different from the laws of USA and Canada. The unfulfilled promises made during the sales presentation need to stop, and we are committed to changing this fraudulent industry.

    We know that many customers are embarrassed to have been scammed into buying a timeshare in mexico, however, we encourage you to act no matter how upset or disappointed you feel right now. The timeshare scams in Mexico is a plague that needs to be eradicated. We recommend that you act as soon as possible to fight timeshare fraud in order to increase your chances of recovering your money and achieving the cancellation of your timeshare contract. Time is essential, so act now!

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  • Over 18 years experience

     Timeshare Cancellation Help

    Our associates have several years experience in the timeshare industry and are successfully able to resolve timeshare scam cases in an ethical and professional manner.

    When looking for professional help, look for Mexican Timeshare Solutions Complaints; you will find testimonials of satisfied clients who where able to get out of their memberships. It is very important to be cautious about whom you choose to represent your claim as Mexican timeshare laws need to be known. There are many other companies that claim to dedicate themselves to cancelling timeshares, but charge money upfront. Never pay upfront fees in the timeshare industry as these companies are fraudulent and they tend to close after a few months and flee with your money.

    MTS  is an established company that is committed to helping customers who wish to timeshare cancel that were sold to them in an unethical manner. Contact us today and one of our associates will reply as soon as possible to discuss your situation and tell you how we can resolve your timeshare situation.

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  • Thousands of cases solved successfully

     timeshare Cancellation Cases Solved

    Our clients know that we at MTS will work energetically to protect their rights and interests and achieve their timeshare cancellation as our goal.

    Mexican Timeshare Solutions  helps people who have been scammed by Timeshare scams in Mexico while vacationing. We offer professional representation defending you and your rights as a consumer.

    Our company offers free initial consultations to every customer victim of Mexican Timeshare Fraud. This not only gives you the opportunity to tell us about your situation, but also allows you to get to know about us before you make a decision regarding your claim. People who have hired our services know that the staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions will work energetically to protect their rights and interests and achieve their Timeshare cancellation.

    If you would like to discuss your timeshare scam claim with an associate who can provide you with a free and honest assessment of your current situation, please contact us now.

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  • 100% cancellation Rate

     Timeshare Cancellation Successful Cases

    At Mexican timeshare Solutions we are sure of what we can achieve for you.  No pay unless your timeshare is cancelled. That is our guarantee!

    We understand that you have worked hard for your money, and you should take special consideration in selecting who is going to assist you in cancelling and recovering it all within the Mexican Timeshare laws.

    At MTS we care, and to prove this to you, we guarantee our results by offering you a contingency fee. If we achieve the results promised we get paid; if not, you do not spend any more money on your timeshare claim. This is our commitment to you.

    Our extensive expertise in timeshare scams from resorts such as Mayan Palace, Royal Holiday, Villa del Palmar or Royal Elite enables us to negotiate from a position of strength and to ensure you that your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

    Our timeshare associates can answer your questions and concerns. To learn more about how we can help to resolve your timeshare complaint problem in the most positive manner possible, please contact us now or visit our FAQ section.

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