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Real Club is a chain of hotels in Mexico which is known for offering lots of comforts as well as the famous all-inclusive service.

Located in Cancun, Quintana Roo and the Riviera Maya, guests have access to restaurants inside the hotel with gourmet dishes, drinks and the most luxurious accommodations in Mexico.

Besides hotel rooms and a resort experience, this hotel is known for selling timeshare ownerships, but a great number of Real club timeshare owners claimed they had a negative experience.

Some of them can assure they were victims of fraud by salespeople in the resort.

Salespeople will offer to have a short interview, especially with American couples, about how wonderful it is to share a private place to stay every time you come to Mexico and give you a tour on the units that are supposed to be available for timeshare.

Turns out, people end up in a 2-hour presentation, pressured to sign a contract they can’t even read. Because it is not in their language.

Although the hotel facilities and buildings are in excellent condition, many of the timeshare users have stated that when using the timeshare exchange service to another Real Club resort, they have received units that do not look like the ones they were previously shown when requesting the exchange. 

Many speak about the lack of maintenance in the rooms, and others mention that the appliances and air conditioning did not work.

Another complaint, and the most fraudulent, is the sales person will never inform you of the 5-day period you have to cancel the purchase real club contract.

Not to mention, they lie that the contract cannot be voided after it is signed. This is a lie and a typical indicator of a Real club timeshare scam.

They will ask if they own another timeshare that they no longer use and will tell them that Real Club will sell it to lower the price of the current timeshare that the client is buying, but in reality they let people end up with the debt of both timeshares.

They also tend to persuade the client to level up in the real club membership, in case the client is not enrolled in one, the sales person will push them to become members at least.

If you’ve been a victim of such a thing as a real club timeshare fraud, you can agree with most people that complained about the pressure they put you under.

Timeshare scammers in Mexico can go a long way in carrying out a successful fraud.

Much is said about cold-callers, who use a method of calling their victims and offering very cheap second-hand timeshares, or even pretend to help sell a timeshare to people who want to get rid of it. Most of these frauds already occur in timeshare resale companies.

For this reason, we do not recommend re-selling a property at all, we know that it is inevitable to want to receive some of the money invested in the timeshare, but by simply canceling the contract you can save yourself many unnecessary headaches and fraud.

Is a Real Club membership a better option?

The hotel offers a Real Club membership, in which the guest is indicated that he has access to the same spacious and luxurious suites as the rest of the guests, as well as the spectacular children's club, a nice spa with ocean views, gourmet restaurants, elegant lounges, bars and pool areas.

However, they claim your Real Club membership gives you access to so much more.

What is a Real club membership? The membership will supposedly maximize your vacation experience.

It is stated that you will have access to the same amenities and all-inclusive service as the rest of the hotel guests, besides of enjoying the exclusive VIP benefits.

They even swear to offer you a greater flexibility to travel around the world with its international network of first-class hotels, while receiving preferential treatment and other discounts.

All of these promises are made in order to get you to sign a real club contract.

But have you go through the Real club membership reviews? Do people who have owned a royal club membership agree with this? Keep reading to find out.

Real club membership reviews

You could go through TripAdvisor, one of the most used sites to review touristic service places, and find the truth on the Real club membership reviews.

You can find publications in which the luxurious hotel ends up being a disappointment for the users of the famous membership.

A great amount of people writes about how he actually club membership is a scam, claiming they will sell you a certain number of nights/weeks and tell you that it is included in the package.

However, what they don't mention is that they will charge a discounted rate per person per night. Therefore, they realized the discount is minimum and they don't see many savings there.

Some other stated in their real club membership reviews they were sold an $18,000 membership just to keep paying $260 a night every time they wanted to go on vacation, they were left thinking it was a total joke.

Avoid falling for the scam. If you ever stay in a one of the Real Club resorts in Mexico, do not accept to sign a contract that you can’t read. It’s in your rights to ask for a real club contract in English.

And if you have been a victim of scam by this resort, remember you still can cancel the contract.

Why is cancelling the best solution?

By canceling a timeshare contract, you legally and permanently rid yourself of the problems that make you want to forget that you have a timeshare.

Many shell companies prey on people who are desperate to get rid of an unwanted property.

These companies may or may not charge you upfront to help you with your case. In the end, they either are another rip off or they don't fix anything.

These are everywhere on the internet, and you can spot them as:

  •  Timeshare donation
  • Rent your timeshare
  • Timeshare resale companies
  • Pass your timeshare to a loved one

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