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Is Mexican Timeshare Solutions reliable?

When someone is looking to hire a service from a company they are not familiar with, they will obviously feel distrust towards it. Even more so after being scammed by a timeshare seller.

There are way to build that trust and reliability. The main way is through the age of the company.

A fraudulent company will often commit the fraud, take people's money, and then disappear in order to avoid the scammed people.

In addition, a fraudulent company like this will develop a bad reputation, and you can find about all these scams on the internet.

Another way to check if Mexican Timeshare Solutions is trustworthy is through customer reviews and opinions.

Before relying on these opinions you should check the veracity of these reviews, a convenient way is to check if the opinions website is reliable.

For example, a well-founded source is Google My business reviews, since Google is the most used search engine works with an algorithm that can detect fraudulent opinions and reviews.

To find these reviews and opinions, you just have to go to the Google browser and place your search, in this case it would be "Mexican Timeshare Solutions" and an information panel should appear on the right side of your screen, next to your search result.

The reviews are found at the bottom of the information panel; you just have to click on "view all Google reviews" to show you all the reviews that have been posted.

 Below, we show you some of the reviews posted by some Mexican Timeshare Solutions clients, which will serve as testimony to make your decision when hiring a company to cancel your timeshare and form a criterio to conclude if Mexican Timeshare Solutions is an authentic company.

Complaints against Mexican Timeshare Solutions

You must take into account that may timeshare devices, vacation clubs and some timeshare rental and resale companies do disagree that companies that are dedicated to canceling timeshares exist.

If a buyer cancels their timeshare membership, they would be taking their commission from the sale of the timeshare seller.

For a vacation club that sells memberships, it also represents losses, because they stop receiving the monthly membership fees and maintenance fees.

For a company that is dedicated to reselling or renting timeshares, it is not convenient for an owner to cancel his membership, since a potential client would disappear.

Due to his, many complaints against Mexican Timeshare Solutions, can be fabricated by some of the companies mentioned above.

The following image below depicts a complaint against Mexican Timeshare Solutions that we found on the internet, along with the explanation why it cannot be legitimate.

 As you can see in the comment, it is mentioned that the person was deceived because she allegedly paid for Mexican timeshare Solutions services and MTS did not cancel her membership, but this is not possible.

Through out the Mexican Timeshare Solutions website, it is stated that there is no charge in advance, also during your free consultation and in the Mexican timeshare Solutions service contract it is established that the client will not pay anything until his contract is canceled.

Why would a customer pay for a service if their membership, since a possible client would be disappearing.

As you can see in the previous image, timeshare owners are lied to, telling them that if they are not in their 5 days after the purchase they will not be able to cancel their membership and wanting to make Mexican Timeshare Solutions look like a scammer, when in actually who is lying is they by not wanting to make their rights valid.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions Reviews

Searching the internet, we found a page that claims to be dedicated to "reviewing" companies that are dedicated to canceling timeshares.

This company argues that Mexican timeshare Solutions is not a good option, since it does not use escrow accounts, this means that the client must pay a third party company in advance and once the work is finished, the third party company must release the money to Mexican Timeshare Solutions, but it is important to note that an escrow is risky when you are hiring companies in the timeshare industry.

Most timeshare rental and reseller companies claim to use escrow accounts, pretending that they hire a third company, when in reality they are posing as this company and end up stealing money from their customers.

In the case of Mexican Timeshare Solutions, it is not necessary to use a company that works as a guarantee deposit, because with Mexican Timeshare Solutions you will only pay us if your contract is cancelled, in this way you do not risk any of your money.

In conclusion

Before hiring or distrusting a company, verify the veracity of the information. Take into account the age of the company and look for genuine reviews.

Before making decision and hiring a company, take a free consultation where everything is explained in detail and make sure that everything they told you during your free consultation is established in the contract provided by the company.

Contact us and receive a free consultation to learn about our services and cancel your timeshare contact.

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