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If you are one of those people who thought owning a timeshare would be a great idea but in the end you realized that you made a big mistake, you cannot continue paying it, or you were simply scammed by the resort sellers, this article will be very helpful.

Maybe you are looking for a way to get legal timeshare cancellation or have doubts about how timeshare rescission works in Mexico.

It is possible that at this time you are wondering why did I even buy that timeshare in the first place? How do I get out of a Mexican timeshare contract?

One of the common reasons why people acquire these services is that they think this will be beneficial to their economy, of course, without suspecting how hard it is getting out of a timeshare.

They will be cancelling the timeshare because the effect it’s going to be quite the opposite.

Some timeshare owners think they will save money because they don't have to pay for a property and build a vacation home, or buy a furnished house.

Even saving money in hotel rooms every year, while still enjoying a home located in a private place and exotic country as Mexico is.

Is cancelling a timeshare the best idea?

Why do people decide cancelling a timeshare? Many people, after realizing what it is like to own a timeshare, try many ways to get rid of it.

They come to consultation and ask, “how can I get out of my timeshare contract?” This is because they have been either scammed by the resorts, or by the resale and rent timeshare markets before legally cancelling their timeshare.

Here we will explain how every following option can affect your pocket, and why you should get a timeshare legal cancellation is the best decision.

Timeshare rent: before people search for “how do I get out of a mexican timeshare contract” these rent businesses invite owners to put the timeshare up for rent and soon after, they notify them that the unit has been rented by a supposed "client".

This fake client will be in contact with the owner to confirm the rental.

The next thing is that this company will ask for a commission for its rental services, or maybe cleaning of the unit, with a credit card payment.

The moment the owner of the timeshare pays for this fee, the company disappears without having offered any service, scamming the owners and stealing their money.

Timeshare resale market: Timeshare resale scams are not that different from what rental companies do. In fact, they are also known as shell companies that abound on the internet.

Most of the time this is the first option, before looking for timeshare legal cancellation, chosen by people determined to abandon their timeshare, hoping to recover the money they have invested on it.

The sad truth is that the scam works just like renting timeshares. Many of the scammers make calls to people who advertise their timeshare for sale and lie to them saying that there are several people interested in buying a timeshare in that area. (This is why putting your unit for resale on eBay is not safe)

When the owners agree to do business with them, they pay an amount of money deposited with a credit card, in exchange for the services of the shell company.

This is when the scammers vanish and block the numbers of the clients. In Mexico, the timeshare law attends many cases related to resale scams.

Even the consumer protection department from Connecticut warns buyers on this matter.

Donation of timeshare: before looking for legal timeshare cancellation, many people thought donating would be a good option.

Donors believe it is an easy way to give away their timeshare without any consequences (even if they do not earn anything in return).

The reality is that fraudulent companies that deal in timeshare donations lie and charge donors a fee, which happens on several occasions, but when they are frauds they charge large amounts of money as "support" for charity, when other people pay 3 to 5 USD in support of charity.

Another truth about charities is that they very rarely receive donated money or timeshares, as too many times scammers have been found to make up fake organizations, apart from listing others that do exist. Here are some truths about timeshare donation.

Inheritance of timeshare: It has recently been proven that receiving a timeshare as an inheritance will only bring financial problems to the loved ones who receive it.

Many people believe that by including timeshare units in their will they are giving a gift to their family or friends, when in fact, these people who receive them end up looking for a legal timeshare cancellation.

Timeshare recession companies in Mexico

There are several reasons why timeshare owners feel they have made a mistake acquiring that expensive timeshare out of pressure.

People often come with the same doubt: how can I get out of my timeshare contract? They are very expensive, timeshare maintenance fees highly increase every year, or they just realize that they don't really need it, or they were scammed.

There are several things to keep in mind about the timeshare rescission laws for timeshare in Mexico.

Nowadays, it’s possible to get help from safe timeshare companies when looking for a timeshare contract cancellation.

These companies are in charge of providing safe and reliable services from timeshare attorneys and making sure clients get a legal timeshare cancellation.

How do I get out of a Mexican timeshare contract? The Mexican timeshare rescission laws protect foreigners and Mexicans in a consuming matter, so don’t allow the timeshare company to confuse you or deny you your rights to cancel the timeshare ownership.

How do I get out of a Mexican timeshare contract?

How can I get out of my timeshare contract? In Mexico, getting out of a timeshare is one of the main queries in cancellation companies, due to the large number of frauds that occur in the country each year.

If you purchased a Mexican timeshare, but you have decided that you want a timeshare contract cancellation, don’t be worried, you still have the right to rescind your timeshare contract.

You can learn more about the Mexico timeshare laws and undo your contract depending on your situation.

According to the Mexico timeshare laws, every timeshare contract in Mexico has a 5-day rescission period, regardless of what the timeshare resort tells you.

If you look for getting out of a timeshare sold in a Mexican resort, you can request the timeshare contract cancellation and the timeshare company tells you that you cannot rescind, this is illegal, you should stay away from this company, this is a big red flag.

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