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Timeshare Resorts in Nayarit: Under investigation

Timeshare Resorts in Nayarit: Under investigation
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Canadian authorities, in coordination with the Federal Police, started an investigation against the “money laundry” in a number of timeshare resorts in Nayarit, after the murder of the Canadian Thomas Gibsy in April, 2012.

At least 3 important timeshare resorts in Nayarit are being under investigation for a probable “money laundry” after the Canadian police had started a big operation to detect investments that some drug dealers from Canada have made in Mexican touristic paradises like Nuevo Vallarta.

The detonating of this investigation was the execution of the Canadian Thomas Gibsy and the capture of Nicholas Michael Lucier in Nuevo Vallarta, one of the most wanted cocaine drug dealers in Canada.  His criminal record started in 1983, and his crimes include: weapon possession, assault and robbery.  Nicholas was hiding in Nuevo Vallarta –a paradise for drug dealers- under the name of “Corry Corbett” and is accused by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), an institution that investigates the investments made by Canadians in Mexican touristic centers.

In fact, because of these events, a big operation got started and it’s known by informative sources that two exclusive timeshare resorts in Nayarit where important Mexican businessmen come to light, are in the spotlight of the Mexican and Canadian authorities.


Timeshare Resorts in Nayarit –Loose Ends

Regarding the crime of Thomas Gisby several rumors were generated, among others, that the Canadian was executed by a Mexican drug cartel, since he tried to sell the drug trade business to a criminal group called “Los Zetas” in Aguascalientes.

The members of the Sinaloa Cartel were not happy about that, so they ordered his execution, being that Thomas Gibsy was an expert in drugs transfers to Canada, even though he already have had problems with rival gangs in Canada, to the extent that they tried to murder him by putting a bomb under his car.

It was divulged by an anonymous call from a Canadian, that one such Daniel Spagna- also a Canadian citizen- was involved in the murder of Thomas Gisby. Daniel Spagna was supposed to be the owner of the vehicle that the hit men used to escape, and he was supposed to be a worker in one of the timeshare resorts in Nayarit. Daniel Spagna, indeed, used to work at the Dreams Hotel, in the timeshare area. After the murder of Thomas Gibsy, nothing else was known from him.

Timeshare Resorts in Nayarit – The Criminal

48 year old Thomas Gibsy, who was executed at the Pueblito Paraíso Hotel in Nuevo Vallarta, had a serious drug trade criminal record in Canada.  He was the victim of an attempt where some explosives were collocated under his Caravan truck.

According to divulged information by the Canadian media, the chief of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Dan Malo, informed that Thomas Gibsy was part of the gangs that controlled the drug and weapons trade from Mexico to Canada. He thought that by coming to Mexico and making investments at the timeshare resorts in Nayarit he was going to be protected, but he forgot that the racketeering has neither laws nor respect.

Timeshare Resorts in Nayarit – The Fraser Valley Trafficker

Thomas Gibsy was a very well known drug dealer at Fraser Valley, and he was involved in this illegal business for over 20 years. At the same time, he had connections with the most important crime figures from the “Hells Angels” and “Dhak” groups. The Canadian came to Mexico to spend a long stay after the attempts he suffered in his native country. 

Timeshare Resorts in Nayarit – Conclusions

timeshare resorts

This is not a new story in Mexico. Not only are several timeshare resorts in Nayarit working with money coming from drug dealers, but also other timeshare resorts all over Mexico.  If you’re thinking about buying a timeshare in Mexico, we suggest you to think it twice, and remember that timeshares are not investments, but expensive and risky purchases.

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  • Leonardo ZambranaMay 23, 2019, 1:26 am

    Asi como esto, existen cientos de empresas alrededor del mundo que se dedica a estafar a las personas con paquetes promocionales, a mis papas los estafaron en Nayarit con una membresia de un vacation club, no es justo que empresas sigan operando de esta manera.

  • RelaxOctober 20, 2014, 8:07 am

    I signed a contract with a Mexican timeshare. I have had buyers remorse. They that we had to sign right then and there. I didn't have time to think about it nor research the company. I purchased a timeshare on Jan. 18th. 2009. How can I get out of the contract? I had to give up my Marriott timeshares to them and give them over $5000.00 down and I still owe them Over $16,000.00 Can I cancel my credit card down payment? What are the repercussions in Mexican law if I do that.

  • Jerry FloydAugust 19, 2014, 9:57 am

    Timeshares are a big rip off. We have one and get several calls per week on people wanting to sell it or rent it. We have been scammed several times. NEVER buy a timeshare. This is from some one who KNOWS.

  • David BeanAugust 19, 2014, 9:51 am

    Timeshare isn't an investment and people who think it is are stupid. A timeshare allows you to lock in the price for future vacations at current rates. If you use it every year it pays off in the long run. If you don't use it then it is your fault. Timeshare usually allows you to basically stay in large apartments rather than cramped hotels. It doesn't go up in value, but it can save you money long term and provide a much more comfortable way to vacation.

  • EduardoJuly 18, 2014, 2:29 pm

    no puedo evitar sentir mucha felicidad por esto!!! ojala lo hicieran con todos los resorts

  • Anthony StoneJuly 14, 2014, 12:36 pm

    I dislike these problems as much as anyone. To avoid these problems you could always look for timeshare relief

  • m11_9June 9, 2014, 8:10 am

    run away, fast as you can. don't take their prizes or tickets.

  • redMay 28, 2014, 4:09 pm

    So from what I understand a timeshare requires you to pay a certain amount yearly for a week or so at a location you love.
    Assuming you have the time available for vacation every year, and the finances to pay the annual fee, you should be having a great time with your timeshare! Also take into account the factor that you probably love the location/place since you are paying for it, so every vacation is awesome to you.

  • JoseApril 4, 2014, 3:38 pm

    que bueno que hayan decidido investigar todas esas iregularidades y que en verdad haya un cambio ya, porque no puede seguir esto asi

  • KikeNovember 25, 2013, 11:05 am

    Me alegro que hayan descubierto todo esto, y espero que no solo este resort sea investigado, sino todos los del pais

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