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Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

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 Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints
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Villa del Palmar is a timeshare resort, with different locations in Mexico like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta & Rivera Nayarit. The resorts counts with different procreative spots like two pools, three tennis courts, a gym, a spa & a nearby golf course all for you to enjoy and have a relaxing vacations. From villas, condos, suites and penthouse is for all public in general there is no “only members” area. 

Villa del Palmar’s Sales Practice has a well recognize reputation for the lies, scams and most likely to misrepresented the contract at the moment of signing. Villa del Palmar sales associate like any other sales person will tell you all the wonders you want to hear to make a purchase, most timeshare presentation last 90 minutes, but at Villa del Palmar you can be up to 4 hrs in there.

Do not let their wonderful words lure you away, read the contract before signing, the contract clearly estates that any verbal promises made to the buyer that are not on the contract are invalid and that the purchasing of a membership at Villa del Palmar is not an investment, it only other way of saving for future vacations, it also states that if you wish to purchase the membership for the solid purpose of renting for profit, that you should reconsider your purchase of the membership.

If you are a current owner of a timeshare at other resort, the sales associate at Villa del Palmar, they will offer you a trade in, promising to sell your existing timeshare, the sales associates will refer you to a resell company to sell your existing timeshare so you can purchase at Villa del Palmar, Now on days the timeshare scams is being spread into the resell and rental companies, this companies promise you to LIST your timeshare for resell or rent, for a consider amount of money pay upfront to them, what they don’t tell you is that they are not obligated to sell it but to just take it into inventory, which is consider “Listing”. Also most companies that ask for an upfront fee are probably not a legitimate company. Also a common lie the Sales associate at Villa del Palmar will tell you that the contract is under the United states Law because their headquarter office is located in San Diego, and recession period is not available for you, if the contract is sign in Mexico, the contract is under the law of Mexico, therefore by the Mexican Law you have your recession period to cancel, signing a waiver to rescind your right to cancel is also illegal.

Customer Service at Villa del Palmar is not what they advertise, Customer Service is awful, they never answer the phone and if they do answer you the phone whatever problem you have you can fix it by paying up whatever fee you are due.

Bottom line is that Villa del Palmar is a great resort, great place to enjoy with your Family and love one, but be prepared to be harassed by the Sales Staff if you are not a current timeshare owner there, and if you plan to attended to the presentation, be informed before making any kind of purchase, have them let you read the contract before signing and make sure that is what they told you it was, ask as many questions you have, remember it’s your money, it’s your purchase, ITS YOUR CHOICE!

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  • Agavni GulatyanJanuary 20, 2016, 12:04 pm

    I don't know how to start, so it will be short, meaningful and understandable. well back in 2006 in Nuevo Vallarta unfortunately we both a time share one bedroom for one week and seasonal for $16,000. we paid in full on credit cards, don't ask me why, I wouldn't it was my husbands idea. we specifically asked if one of these days we will not be able to pay the maintenance fee what happens? "oh, nothing" the sales person said, if you don't pay no one no one will nock on door this is Mexico and not USA, we asked the question ten time and got the same answer, and we said why don't you put it in writing he said you don't need too. ok in 2013 we start having financial difficulties and stop paying the maintenance fee, and all that time we used the resort only two times, couple of times I tried to sell the property and paid those people a fee of $350.00 $475.00 etc..... no luck, finally we decided to stop paying the maintenance fee like I mentioned earlier. any ways to make it short it went to collections agency and not to ruin my credit I almost paid $3000.00 with all the fees and penalties in one condition that they will send me a voluntary surrender form so we can be free of time share not to accrue another maintenance fee again, OMG you can not imagine what I'm going through with this simple request. now they are telling me I have another maintenance fee for the first two quarters of 2016 I need to pay that first in order to get the surrender forms, can you believe in this? Soooooooo many different people are answering the phone and I have to explain over and over again, and they promise to help but the next time I call to talk to the same person they are telling me that person no longer works here this is a real spider web that you can never can get out of there. first is a trap and then the web. beware of the spider web please please don't ever never buy a timeshare from anywhere in any condition. they are biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig LIARS OMG ..........I'm still in process and I don't know how it will end up. They are all stupit, they don't know what they are talking about, putting notes in the computer but apparently they are not, even if someone really wants to help, next day they will call and say "oh you know my supervisor told me that I'm not suppose to do that" They what to make me pay another maintenance fee please people if you know how to solve this problem or if there is any lawyers speak up thank you

  • Amalia FloresDecember 11, 2015, 5:50 pm

    Mi experiencia con estas personas no fue nada agradable, deberian de investigar bien antes de comprar con este resort, como en mi caso paso , me prometieron mil beneficios pero lo unico que paso es que termine pagando muchisimo dinero , mas del que debia, asi que tengan mucho cuidado , no se involucren en los tiempos compartidos de este resort, saludos.

  • KittyNovember 23, 2015, 8:54 pm

    Not pleased with the sales tactics -- made a mistake; Need to cancel the membership....Extreme sales tactics..

  • Lawrence November 9, 2015, 11:00 am

    Stay away from here , timeshare is not an investment , this could be the worst thing that i ever made, avoid timeshare presentations and dont get caught people.

  • ArmelleNovember 7, 2015, 10:56 am

    I was promised that Value Traders would be the company that would transfer my current timeshare in Maine as part of the payment for the Villa Del Palmar timeshare. Seven months later it has not happened and Value Traders to whom I sent all the necessary paperwork has not even contacted my timeshare in Maine because they have rules of transfer that Value Traders does not usually follow. They are trying to get out of paying for the maintenance fee for my Maine timeshare. I have refused to pay for the installment until the trade is final and I want to cancel this contract.
    Also they kept filling my glass with Champagne Mimosa during the whole presentation.
    Stay away from them.

  • RocioOctober 26, 2015, 12:48 am

    Me estresa pensar en como es que podre recuperar todo mi dinero , si he intentado ya de mil formas y aun no consigo alguna se;al clara de que ya no perdere mas dinero , de verdad que necesito librarme de estas personas, es algo que ya no puedo pagar , son unos abusivos en no querer dejar que cancele , basta !

  • Maria PalominoSeptember 8, 2015, 12:27 am

    Hi there, i feel ashamed of myself after signed with this resort, my life changed 1 year ago when i went to a timeshare presentation , i ve never noticed that this resort was a total scam , they never give me what they promised! yes i felt on their trap... but now im in the cancellation procress thanks to mts, just stay away from Villa del palmar please.

  • Raul Z.August 3, 2015, 1:20 am

    Once again i want to say that this resort is a total scam , i been riped by those guys last month and actually i dont know how to proceed to cancel my timeshare contract, is not fair that i cant cancel my timeshare, really i dont want it anymore, but they encouraged to avoid all my requests to cancel !

  • juan hinojosaJuly 2, 2015, 3:11 pm

    Fui por primera vez en mi vida a vacacionar a puerto Vallarta, puerto que tenia muchísimas ganas de conocer y lamentablemente pase una muy desagradable experiencia. Al llegar al aeropuerto y después de recoger el equipaje en la salida de llegadas están unos módulos donde unas personas te ofrecen casi regalarte unas entradas para un espectáculo llamado " los ritmos de la Noche " a cambio te venden las entradas en $ 2000.00 pesos argumentando que es 2X1 pero a cambio de que aceptes una invitación a desayunar, te solicitan que les muestres tus tarjetas de crédito y que les des tu numero de teléfono para poder localizarte. Si cometes el error de aceptar quieren que estés a las 7:00 A.M. listo para llevarte a mostrar sus instalaciones si por algún motivo les cancelas ese desayuno y la visita a sus instalaciones se ponen muy agresivos y groseros y como ya tienen tu numero de teléfono te envían mensajes ofensivos o te hacen llamadas para insultarte, ( especialmente un señor de nombre Abelardo que esta en esos mostradores ). Tengan cuidado y nunca les den sus datos , teléfono ni les muestren sus identificaciones ni tarjetas de crédito y si desean asistir al espectáculo de Los Ritmos de la noche háganlo pero contraten con las agencias que existen en el hotel en el que se vayan a hospedar. Los $ 2000.00 pesos que pague los pude recuperar hablando en una oficina que esta en el mismo aeropuerto y de la cual mandaron llamar al jefe de esa persona ( Abelardo ) para hacerle saber la conducta que estaba teniendo ese señor con los turistas que llegan a visitar el puerto.

  • El navaJune 29, 2015, 11:46 am

    El principio del fin , mi experiencia con estas personas no es nada agradable , soy una persona a la cual le gusta viajar mucho junto mi familia, no solemos gastar mucho y ahorramos para poder viajar, nos cuesta mucho sacrificio hacerlo , nuestro error fue que asistimos a este resort y casi casi a la fuerza nos forzaron a ir a una presentacion de tiempo compartido , ahi estuvieron insistiendo mucho que al final de cuentas lo vi como una buena inversion y acepte, ahora nose que hacer para cancelarlo , me estan cobrando demasiado dinero por algo que ni siquiera puedo usar, necesito asesoria de inmediato

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