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Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam

Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam
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Read more on how Mayan Palace creates "perfect" atmospheres to lure prospects into unnecessary timeshare purchases and becomes into mayan palace timeshare scam victims.

Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam an Actually serious problem.

Mayan Palace are luxurious timeshare resorts with locations in Acapulco, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Peñasco, Puerto Vallarta and Rivera Maya, with spacious accommodations, world-class restaurants, golf, tennis, a high level of services and amenities, programs for children and themed events.

Mayan Palace sales tactics are hardcore and they will tell you anything you want to hear to get you into the contract and keep you in contract with them. It is too common for the sales representative to offer you an upgrade if you already own a timeshare with them.

Most of the Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam being committed by the Sales representative  is that they don’t let their buyers know they have a 5 days cooling period if they wish to cancel; instead, they repeatedly tell they buyers once the contract is being sign there is no cancellation period. Mayan Palace sales representative also offers a trade-In, letting the buyer believe that Mayan Palace is going to take their other timeshare and sell them for them and deducting the cost of their new timeshare with Mayan Palace, but at the end you end up owning two timeshares and payments due for Mayan Palace turning it into in a double Mayan Palace timeshare Scam.

Mayan Palace’ Sales Pitch will explain you all the places you can go with your timeshare and how much you are going to love your vacations with them and how exclusive and prestigious its to own a Mayan Palace’ timeshare. What they fail to explain you is how the timeshare works and what are the real possibilities of traveling to those places.


Mayan Palace’ sales representatives also fail to explain what kind of unit you are in fact purchasing and more often than ever it is now the unit the sales representative shows you in the tour, They also promise to get you discounts in airfares and certificates for cruises which both of them are false.

Dealing with Mayan Palace after the purchase of your timeshare can be a little frustrated. Especially because customer service won’t get you the answers you expect to get when it comes on how to use your timeshare or trying to Book your next vacations, lucky if you are able to do book anything.

Before a purchase

Before you purchase, you need to think carefully how you will use it in your life, and if you have the money to spend; take your time and don´t make any commitments on your first visit. Also, don’t forget to do an internet search on the company, and if the company is legit they will let you come back another day if you wish to make de purchase.

Thousands of people every year fall victim to fraudulent timeshare sales practices while vacationing in Mexico. The sales teams have carefully crafted and proven techniques to close sales, and are very skilled in ensuring that potential clients become timeshare owners.

Take action

Do not feel ashamed of your purchase, instead, take action to prevent others from financial ruin and to resolve your own situation. Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions today for professional advice on how to get rid of your Mexican timeshare contract, so that you can take vacations on your own terms.

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  • RonDecember 27, 2014, 8:46 pm

    A friends of mine had fallen on this trap they were scammed , they still have problems with them , such a shame really

  • WilliamOctober 22, 2014, 2:31 pm

    I bought a Mayan Palace timeshare in my early 20s and it was one of the worst financial mistakes I ever made. I never intended to buy it, but I cannot suckered into going to a presentation to get free show tickets when I was in Puerto Vallarta. The high-pressure sales person convinced me to sign on the dotted line, and I ended up with a timeshare. It was one of the hardest things to get rid of, and I lost about $20,000 in the process. It was an expensive lesson learned.

  • Olivia ArellanoSeptember 29, 2014, 10:42 am

    By law, you have five business days in Mexico to cancel the contract after you have signed it. If you decide to cancel the purchase within this period, notify the developer by email and certified mail. Keep the receipt as evidence you cancelled on time. You should receive a prompt refund of all the money you have paid, without any cancelling penalties, within fifteen business days

  • Mayan Palace SCAMSeptember 15, 2014, 11:22 am

    I just want to begin with saying that my loving wife and I exchanged RCI points for a trip to Mayan Palace Riviera this past April. We get there and find the place is stunning and the service is top notch. First day there we commit to the 1.5 hour sales pitch during what they call “buyers week”. Well, in the end it was 5 hours and a majority of the presentation was focused on how these units are investments and that they give you “flexibility” in an extra week to use as a rental. The rental income was presented at $1700 net income after maintenance fees were taken out. We bought into the idea….it sounded great. Upon returning home I researched renting these units and found that they rent for far less than they stated repeatedly in the presentation. I have obtained training material that Mayan employees use explaining in detail how they leverage this with vacationers, then skim over the disclaimer sentence that is listed in the mounds of documents. This fraud has to stop. I would not have entered into this agreement if they had been truthful about this. They describe the rental agencies as partners verbally and that you get your rental check quickly in 60-90 days, which is not true. They used scratch paper to show you the money you would make renting these units and how fast they would pay for themselves, which was untrue.
    There was no mention of any cancellation period during the presentation, so by the time we arrived home and called to cancel our agreement….we were told it was past the 5 days.
    I have called and talked with a number of people. To date they have been unwilling to cancel and refund our credit card. A complaint has been filed with the Mexican Government, Profeco and FTC.

    If you go to any Mayan Palace resort, PLEASE do not get caught it the misleading sales pitch!!!
    Just enjoy the resort....

  • JarrodSeptember 2, 2014, 12:57 pm

    Everything dealing with the timeshare industry turns out to be a scam. I called my resort and asked if they will take back the timeshare for nothing and they said no. These things are worth nothing. How could I get rid of this timeshare?

  • Desre ReckAugust 18, 2014, 10:30 am

    we are now worried that this company is a scam. Please advise. We went to a presntation, we have signed documents and given our credit card details but have not paid them yet. We where asked to put down a deposit but had a strange feeling

  • Desre ReckAugust 18, 2014, 10:29 am

    we are now worried that this company is a scam. Please advise. We went to a presntation, we have signed documents and given our credit card details but have not paid them yet. We where asked to put down a deposit but had a strange feeling

  • EmmaAugust 5, 2014, 11:33 am


  • CarlJuly 28, 2014, 8:11 am

    The Hotel is great.The staff is great. the food is great and the service is great. The only thing that keeps this place from being "THE BEST" is the false timeshares they sell

  • jorgeJune 30, 2014, 5:41 pm

    La política de estos señores es mentir descaradamente y para eso tienen muy bien entrenados a sus promotores, luego la Empresa pide disculpas pero ni aportan soluciones y muco menos devuelven el dinero. ESTAFADORESSSS

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