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Timeshare resale scam companies

Timeshare resale scam companies
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Hey buddy, wanna sell your timeshare fast?

This is the typical expression used by the telemarketers to hook people into another fraud: the Timeshare resale companies. Lots of people are getting ripped off and not just by the timeshare companies, but also by the timeshare resale scam companies.

The reason why this happens is because many people who own a timeshare are desperate to give it away, since they’re not able to keep paying the high costs of maintenance because of the economic downturn. Also some of them were practically pushed into buying the property due to the high-pressured timeshare presentations, and others have just outlived the timeshare’s usefulness.  

Whichever the reason is, anyone who finds himself in those kinds of situations becomes an easy target for the timeshare resale scam companies. 


Timeshare Resale Scam Companies – How they operate

These companies are also known as “Resale Service Providers”. They contact people especially through phone calls. The telemarketers claim to the person on the other side of the phone that the resales market is “hot”, and that selling their timeshare will be an easy job. All they ask for is an upfront fee of about $300 to $700, which varies depending on the location and size of the unit.

After that, they promise to sell your timeshare for an equal price than your purchase cost, or even greater, so you can also generate profits, and that they count with an exclusive customer portfolio full of potential buyers who are interested in getting your timeshare.

Finally, In order to further entice the person, they guarantee to give them the money back in case they can’t sell the timeshare within a certain period. That’s how the timeshare resale scam companies operate, described in a concrete manner.

Timehare Resale Scam Companies – How to avoid them

timehsare resale scam companies

They are 5 signs that will let you know you’re being a victim of a Timeshare Resale Scam Companies:

  1. Unsolicited phone calls
  2. Upfront fees
  3. No real estate license
  4. Unrealistic pricing
  5. Inflated closing costs

If you notice any of those signs, you’re surely getting scammed. We give you the following tips for you to be prepared:

  1. Hang Up. If the company reaches you by phone and you didn’t ask for their services, there’s a huge possibility they’re trying to scam you.
  2. In case you decide not to hang up and hear what they have to say, never ever give your credit card numbers when they ask for the upfront fee.
  3. Make a research of the company, since a big percent of them turns out to be fraudulent.
  4. In no way trust a company who offers an unrealistic pricing, if it’s too good to be true it’s not real.
  5. Be always suspicious about any offers you receive to resell your timeshare. Check on the web to find out if the costs are realistic.

By following the last advices, you’re getting yourself out from the frauds made by the Timeshare Resale Scam Companies.

It’s also important to mention, that the best way to get rid of your timeshare is by cancelling the contract. In MTS, we don’t ask for any upfront fee until you see the results. Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a free consultation on your matter and a full advice that will help you cancelling your contract and finally get the economic stability we all need. 

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Leave your comment below and share your opinion with us. To know more about timeshare scams go to: Timeshare Purchase Scams

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  • ArturoJanuary 23, 2015, 12:19 am

    Por mas que mis amigos me han recomendado adquirir un tiempo compartido nunca me he decidido , hasta hace poco un hermano que vive en estados unidos decidio comprar uno en cancun , mexico , me dijo que al principio todo muy bien, pero que despues de unos meses ya le estaban cobrando una enorme cantidad de gastos extras que el nisiquiera habia requerido..lo peor es que en el contrato que el habia firmado decia supuestamente sobre todos esos servicios que nisiquiera se dio por enterado , esten muy abusados con este tipo de personas

  • NancyAugust 18, 2014, 7:30 am

    Most companies charge a fee upfront and try to sell your timeshare. They don't succeed and you still have to pay the fee.
    Try a company that only charges you when they sell it with no upfront charge.

  • MiguelJuly 28, 2014, 8:32 am

    Tengan cuidado con estas compañías fraudulentas, todas las personas que tienen tiempos compartidos en cualquier desarrollo es probable que traten de venderles miles de ofertas que al final son puras estafas

  • GuillermoJuly 18, 2014, 2:28 pm

    nunca hacen nada, a mi me cobraron por adelantado.. y como era de esperarse nunca hicieron nada

  • roseJuly 14, 2014, 11:59 am

    I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO RECENTLY WENT TO THE TIMESHARE PRESENTATION FOR SUNSET HOTEL IN CANCUN. I am looking for someone to veryify that they were also given a paper that showed the amount they pay to rent your weeks back to them for advertising. N0w they claim no paper exists. I AM ALSO WILLING TO PAY SOMEONE TO SEND ME A COPY OF THE PAPER. It shows $500.00 for studio and $1,000.00 for 1 bedroom. i was a sucker and bought the timeshare and now they claim they do not rent the weeks back unless i show them the paper and of course they do not give te paper to keep.

  • BillCCCJuly 8, 2014, 11:32 am

    High pressure yes, Scam, not so much. As long as you are able to say no you will not have a problem.

  • BillCCCJuly 8, 2014, 11:32 am

    High pressure yes, Scam, not so much. As long as you are able to say no you will not have a problem.

  • BillCCCJuly 8, 2014, 10:05 am

    High pressure yes, Scam, not so much. As long as you are able to say no you will not have a problem.

  • Timeshare UserJune 30, 2014, 8:09 am

    Never pay upfront fees, PERIOD! it will protect you from 99% of all Timeshare resale scams.

  • kribeeMay 20, 2014, 7:16 am

    How can i get out of a vacation club? We totally got caught in one of those and we dont even use it. We are expecting our 3rd child and we really just want to sell it and wash our hands of it.

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