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El cid Resort Timeshare Complaints

El Cid Resorts, El Cid Vacations Club, El Cid Moro, El Cid Castilla, El Cid Marina, El Cid Cozumel, El Cid Marina Cancun.

El cid Resort Timeshare Complaints
  Legal Name:
El Cid Vacation Club S.A. de C.V.
  Resort sales locations
Mazatlan, Cancun, Cozumel.
  Resort collections
Resort Communications, Inc (RECO), San Diego CA; Textron Financial Corporation
  Rental Companies:
Phoenix Vacation Property Management, Platinum Exchange Services Corp.
Hotel Representatives:
Rui Veloso, Jesus Osuna, Benjamin Goon, Enrique Huerta, Luis Felipe Rodriguez, Olivia Avila Rojas

Common Complaints:

  • Salespeople offer clients false promises of discounts on airfares, cruises, car rentals etc.
  • Salespeople claim that the points have more value than they actually do for exchange purposes.
  •  Clients are sent the full contract on a CD to their home address. They do not receive a full copy to review and decide whether or not they want to cancel within the 5 day rescission period allowed by Mexican Law.
  • Salespeople offer to resell a previously owned timeshare or take it over in trade so that the client is only responsible for the maintenance fees for the new timeshare. This never happens.

El Cid Resorts Mazatlán
Toll Free
01 800 716 98 00

Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort
Quintana Roo
Toll Free
01 800 003 62 92
011 52 (998) 872 8999

El Cid la Ceiba Hotel de Playa
Toll Free
01 800 670 32 77
011-52 (987) 872 08 44

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Read what other timeshare scam victims say:
315 Complaints
  • Milai November 27, 2017, 10:36 pm

    Lo mejor que pueden hacer es alejarse de estas personas, el cid resorts no cumple lo que te dice al principio, te marean con mil cosas y beneficios durante la presentation de tiempo compartido pero una vez que ya firmas no quieren saber de ti, llevamos luchando con este resort cerca de 4 años y es una pesadilla

  • Julio MolinaNovember 21, 2017, 6:40 pm

    Igualmente, en Diciembre del 2016 nos ofrecieron lo mismo que todos mencionan la modalidad de ellos es cerrar el negocio manipulando en un ambiente donde ofrecen bebidas alcohólicas y especies de cierre de trato, al comienzo todo parece perfecto pero al final cuando uno tiene la necesidad de programar unas vacaciones, no hay disponibilidad y cuando quieres rescindir el contrato por falta de cubrir nuestras expectativas nos quieren cobrar mas de $4,000 por desafiliacion cuando nunca se ha utilizado el servicio. NO SE DEJEN ENGAÑAR. NOSOTROS TOMAREMOS LAS MEDIDAS CORRESPONDIENTES ANTE ESTA ESTAFA.

  • Roxana cNovember 9, 2017, 10:46 pm

    Buenas noches, acabo hace un mes firmamos contratode membresia y pague solo la cuota inicial quisiera saber si puedo cancelarla o que opciones tengo ya que leo muymalos conentarios del cid, ayudenme por favor vivo en peru.

  • José Luis Lizarraga navarroOctober 30, 2017, 4:56 pm

    Urge cancelar mi contrato ya no lo puedo pagar contrato208918-3

  • Damian October 22, 2017, 1:10 pm

    Dont get caught by this people, dont accept going to their timeshare presentations, avoid all the "free stuff" that they offers, i have a timeshare with them and is totally a mess, a nightmare without exit, actually we are fighting against them for the cancellation of our contract, stay away from el cid resorts !

  • Linda AllenSeptember 1, 2017, 3:53 pm

    Is there a government agencies in Mexico that I could file charges against El Cid timeshares for misrepresenting themselves?

  • CaroAugust 25, 2017, 3:42 pm

    This hotel is a total SCAM we got sucked in to a timeshare with EL CId what a bunch of BULLSHIT we tired to make a reservation and they told us inorder to have everything included it would be another 80 person we already gave you 27k plus and in top of that what money money FUCK YOU! WE dont shit money Im so pissed

  • Azucena July 6, 2017, 2:40 pm


  • Paola MartinezJune 16, 2017, 4:52 pm

    Igual que todos ustedes sorprendida por la cantidad de estafas, en mi caso me enviaron una carta donde dice que no puedo hablar mal de ellos en ninguna red social y hacer malos comentarios públicamente, pero ellos me han estado, no quieren devolverme el dinero que cancele y no he disfrutado.

  • TeeJune 7, 2017, 1:10 am

    My husband and I purchased an ElCid timeshare in Mazatlan a few years ago. We were allotted 300,000 points with VIP status. Our decision to purchase was because our salesperson assured us it would ultimately be a financial investment, because once we reached 3 years of being ElCid timeshare owners we would then be able to contact ElCid to rent out our timeshare for us, at our request. Our salesperson person told us that they could guarantee that our timeshare would be rented out because they routinely have to turn away customers because no rooms are available. Our salesperson person said we would automatically receive a check at the end of each year that we requested ElCid to rent out our timeshare. Our salesperson went over our contract with us and we dutifully signed and initialed as directed. We questioned the clause about the rules for renting out our timeshare, and our salesperson assured us that didn't apply to us, as all contracts they use state the same policy, but not to worry because since we were VIP it did not apply to us. We thoroughly enjoyed our stays at ElCid, and stayed there often. We never requested ElCid to rent out our timeshare since we preferred to continue returning to ElCid on an annual basis. My husband and I now regret that we did not request ElCid to rent our timeshare. On July 21, 2013 we agreed to upgrade our timeshare to 600,000 points, VIP, all-inclusive. Again, we were told by our salesperson it would be an investment. The salesperson told us that after we owned the ElCid timeshare for 3 years, we could contact ElCid and request them to rent out our timeshare. Our salesperson said we would receive a check for $10,000 dollars at the end of each year that we allowed ElCid to rent out our timeshare. Again, our salesperson assured us that as VIP members we could do this, despite what our contract stated. I should mention that this salesperson was not the same salesperson that sold us our first ElCid timeshare. We never suspected that we were made a false promise because we had received the same false promise from our previous salesperson. Well, on Monday, June 5th, 2017 I decided to call ElCid and request that they rent out my timeshare. I was informed that the contract my husband and I signed clearly stated that ElCid does not offer that service. I explained that we are VIP, and both salespeople from both of our ElCid timeshare purchases assured us that ElCid would rent our timeshare and pay us $10K at the end of each year we agreed to allowing ElCid to rent our timeshare. The membership relations representative repeatedly answered my concerns by replacing that it was in my contract, and he would gladly email it to me. I told him I had the contract. I explained the verbal agreement made by both salespeople at both of our ElCid timeshare sales meetings. Still I received the same response. I asked to speak to my salesperson, but was informed he no longer worked with ElCid. I then stated that 5 adult members of my family attended the sales meeting with my husband and I, and each of them would be able to provide a signed affidavit that the were witnessed to our salesperson giving us a false promise. Furthermore, I stated that since this happened to me on 2 separate purchases, I suspect that it is a regular practice, and that I would do some investigative research to locate past and present ElCid Timeshare owners who had the same experience, therefore, I could prove ElCid made this a common practice. Finally, the membership relations representative offered to have my concern looked into, and I would be contacted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017. I'm skeptical that they will really contact me. Today, I emailed a request to timesharescam.com and am eagerly awaiting their reply. I will post an update as this saga continues.

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