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Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Complaints

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Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Complaints
  Legal Name:
Operadora de Inmuebles Los Arcos S.A. de C.V.; Terra pacifica S.A. de C.V.
  Resort sales locations
Cabo, Mazatlan.
  Resort collections
Concord Servicing Corporation, Phoenix, AZ.
  Rental Companies:
Suite Getaway, Elite Retreat
Hotel Representatives:
Sergio Cayeros, Tele Gutierrez, David Larson, Alfredo Ramirez, Briselda Ahumada, Eugene Miller, Veronica Escamilla, Roberto Guzman, Melanie Glazier, Omar Alvarez.

Common Complaints:

  • Salesperson has client sign a waiver giving up their 5 day right to cancel as it is a special one-day only offer. This is illegal in Mexico.
  • Salesperson promises to sell their old timeshare to offset the cost of the new timeshare. In the end the client is referred to a resale company that does not sell the old timeshare and the client is stuck with two timeshares and the maintenance fees for both properties.

Cabo San Lucas
Estados Unidos, Canadá: 011 (52) (624) 142 9999
International: + (52) (624) 142 9999
México: (624) 142 9999
Estados Unidos, Canadá Fax: 011 (52) (624) 142 9957
International Fax: + (52) (624) 142 9957
México Fax: (624) 142-9957

Playa El Médano
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos, Canadá: 011 (52) (624) 142 9898
International: + (52) (624) 142 9898
México: (624) 142 9898
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 143 5972
International Fax: + (52) (624) 143 5972
Mexico Fax: (624) 143 5972

Playa El Médano S/N
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos, Canada: 011 (52) (624) 142 9797
International: + (52) (624) 142 9797
Mexico: 01 (624) 142 9797
Estados Unidos, Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 143 1995
International Fax: + (52) (624) 143 1995
Mexico Fax: 01 (624) 143 1995

Cabo Pacífica
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos, Canada: 011 (52) (624) 142 9696
International: + (52) (624) 142 9696
México: (624) 142 9696
Estados Unidos, Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 142 9605
International Fax: + (52) (624) 142 9605
México Fax: (624) 142-9605

Cabo Pacífica
Predio Paraíso Escondido
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos,Canada: 011 (52) (624) 142 9999
International: + 01 (624) 142 9999
Mexico: 01 (624) 142 9999
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 173 6101
Internacional Fax: + (52) (624) 173 6101
Mexico Fax: 01 (624) 173 6101

Zona Nuevo Mazatlán
Estados Unidos, Canada: 011 (52) (669) 989 0525
International: + (52) (669) 989 0525
Mexico: (669) 989 0525
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (669) 988 0718
International Fax: + (52) (669) 988 0718
Mexico Fax: (669) 988 0718

Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán
Estados Unidos,Canada: 011 (52) (669) 989 8900
International: + (52) (669) 989 8900
México: 01 (669) 989 8900
Estados Unidos o Canada Fax: 011 (52) (669) 914 1723
Internacional Fax: + (52) (669) 914 1723
Mexico Fax: 01 (669) 914 1723

Residencias Emerald de Pueblo Bonito
Estados Unidos,Canada: 011 (52) (669) 989 0525
International: + (52) (669) 989 0525
Mexico: 01 (669) 989 0525
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (669) 988 0320
International Fax: + (52) (669) 988 0320
Mexico Fax: 01 (669) 988 0320

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334 Complaints
  • ElordeNovember 7, 2017, 1:05 pm

    Don´t buy a timeshare at PB. They lie in order to sale and then they make their clients believe that will help you to get rid of that fraud but keeping your money...they don´t respect what the Mexican Laws say and they threat you if you request the cxl, they extort you to pay 1000 USD, but if you fight them they drop to 500, continue fighting then they drop to 0 but just to make you think they will help you...these three women are the ones that extort people

    Elsa Romero
    Gaby Ramirez
    Erika Munoz

    They even sent me a cancellation format and passing the days they said that our cxl was denied!!

  • Giordana RamosAugust 4, 2017, 7:51 pm

    Me trataron igual que a todos, mucha presión y muchas promesas hasta que firmé, es necesario que todos vayamos ante la profeco, para que investiguen y sancionen a estos rateros, Actuan de forma totalmente fraudulenta deberían prohibirles continuar con su negocio

  • Giordana RamosAugust 4, 2017, 7:51 pm

    Me trataron igual que a todos, mucha presión y muchas promesas hasta que firmé, es necesario que todos vayamos ante la profeco, para que investiguen y sancionen a estos rateros, Actuan de forma totalmente fraudulenta deberían prohibirles continuar con su negocio

  • Francisco LeonJune 11, 2017, 2:51 pm

    Really bad experience trying to reserve a week with them, how can we all get together and put a stop to all this? I am puting a complain with profeco and see if they can do anything, please don't buy with them, advise anybody going to this resort to not even go to the presentation.

  • Carol June 4, 2017, 2:06 pm

    The main problem with Pueblo Bonito is their fictional timeshare memberships " that they sell with any benefits, really me and my husband actually are fighting against them for the cancellation, we cannot still paying for this, help please.

  • MollyApril 11, 2017, 7:58 pm

    I purchased a floating bi-annual week for a 2 bd/2bath in 2009. I specifically designated the week to be deposited to RCI for trading power, and this was done with my 2010 week. We used the week in 2010 with no problem through RCI. In 2012, a friend wanted to take his wife on a nice vacation, so an attempt was made to book the week. PBSB advised the week had to be deposited and then used through RCI to book under a different name. So, I paid the fees and did so...but apparently PB never deposited the week and the reservation was made via points I already had in my account from my timeshare in Montana. Silly me, holding that they would do as I asked when I purchased, I've gone forward with both points and weeks exchanges with RCI and never really noticing the deficit. Every other year, the holding company has had NO PROBLEM finding me to pay the nearly $800 maintenance fee, but couldn't seem to be bothered to send me anything else...like "hey, you've paid for 3 years and not made a reservation thru us". Funny...not so funny...I've actually been back twice (with another week planned in May) but apparently NOT USING MY WEEK. I called to discuss this with the company. Apparently a supervisor is ONLY available via email. The lady who I spoke with kept repeating off the same sheet of paper "you have to call us every year to deposit your week. If you don't use your week or call and deposit your week, it just goes away". Hmmmm...my $800 bill doesn't seem to go away. Operadora de Inmuebles Los Arcos S.A. de C.V.; Terra pacifica S.A. de C.V. (Pueblo Bonito) takes care of itself...but can't be bothered to take care of their owners. I pay every other year and then don't show up for 7 years...and not one call, letter or email...like "can we help you make a reservation" or "just a reminder of our process/policy"? I've reviewed my contract...not a word. I was advised there is an "addendum". So, I asked for a copy of my contract to be sent to me, which they advised would be done over email. And...nothing. No email.

    Too bad. I bought because I really love its location and beauty...but I can't abide passive thievery via fine print and addendum ploys. I'll keep my timeshare in Montana...they're awesome and send me notices regularly. They even call me once a year to see how they can improve services. Now that's a way to treat an timeshare owner!

  • silviaApril 7, 2017, 11:36 am


  • Joe CMarzo 21, 2017, 1:55 pm

    SCAM. SCAM, SCAM....by fast talking , numbers throwing mass sales agent.. It ruined our trip to cabo just going thru this grueling 3 hour scam...And if you leave early, you LOSE the perks they offered you up front to attend (50% off this and that) when 75% off is offered all day, everyday on the street.. TOTAL SCAM..

  • TamiFebruary 3, 2017, 6:13 pm

    This place has been a scam for years. We bought in 2010, and in 2013, we wanted to sell it. Our salesperson (Jennifer Youngs), made all sorts of promises, referred us to a company to help sell our current time share (another scam company), promised the "first Greg Norman deigned golf course in Mexico", said the resale value on the unit we bought was high, said she would help us sell if we ever wanted to sell, said she would be available to help with anything that went wrong, etc. NONE OF THAT WAS TRUE. We paid off our unit in 2015 after realizing the resale value is about $1, plus the transfer fee of $300 to the resort if you can get them to authorize the transfer of title. We have tried contacting Jennifer, who says she never said she would help us sell, will not help, and referred us to the same company who tried to scam us the first time she referred us to them. We have not received any bills since paying off the timeshare, but now a collections notice ended up on my credit because they say we owe $8k. I assume that is some kind of maintenance fee, but it doesn't add up based on the fee in our contract (the one we don't have an original copy of since they don't give you a copy). This place is a scam and these people would be arrested. The US should add scams like this to travel advisories to these places.

  • JCJanuary 19, 2017, 11:07 pm

    El señor OMAR ALVAREZ es un mentidoso de categoría... nos prometió y aseguró que ellos se encargarían de vender nuestro time share.. QUE FALSO... que mentira más descarada... eso no es posible.. preferimos perder $2,775.00 (down payment) que hacer negocio con un grupo de calañas mentirosos... es una barbaridad que lo hagan con los propios Latinos..

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