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 Mexican Timeshare Solutions philanthropy

Giving back is not just limited to our clients

At Mexican timeshare Solutions, we believe in giving back to communities throughout North America in thoughtful ways. Many of us are lucky enough to be able to travel to exotic locations and enjoy a relaxing vacation; however, there are millions of people throughout Mexico, United States and Canada that do not have the good fortune to be able to afford proper meals, housing, education and health care. Our philosophy at Mexican Timeshare Solutions is based on philanthropy and doing good for humankind, both through the type of services we offer and the charitable organizations that we support. We do our best to help timeshare scam victims to resolve their problems in a professional and caring manner. We are also proud sponsors of the organizations listed below in our effort to empower people across North America to a position where they can enjoy a good meal, a safe home, a clean bill of health, a quality education and hopefully one day, an enjoyable (timeshare free) vacation in Mexico!

 MTS philanthropy
 Mexican Timeshare Solutions Hellen Keller
 Mexican Timeshare Solutions Breast Cancer Foundation
 Mexican Timeshare Solutions Unicef foundation
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