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Global Golf Connections:A fraudulent way to spend money at Grand Mayan

Global Golf Connections:A fraudulent way to spend money at Grand Mayan
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Rental and resale timeshare companies are getting more creative every day. Learn the new trick from these companies to lure vacationist to spend their money into a "money making machine" called Global Golf Connections. Learn their trick so you do not fall for their fraudulent speech.

Timeshare awarness in Global Golf Connections.

To all those people who own Timeshares at Mayan Palace be aware of the new scam being used by this company. They are announcing a way of renting out the weeks that will not be used by owners to golfers. This service is called” GGC (Global Golf Connections)” they claim to specialize in finding golfers to stay in their resort, play in their clubs and buy their extra weeks. They do all this to make the deal more attractive for buyers to purchase a a new Mayan Palace timeshare.


Reality in Global Golf Connections.

This is a lie, they don’t have golfers waiting to rent timeshare weeks. This "rental company" will take the money they charge upfront and will only list the timeshare week for far more than it will ever rent for, and that will be the last time the timeshare owner will ever hear from them. They have no intention of renting the timeshare, otherwise Global Golf Connections would not charge an upfront fee.  Be aware of any new advertisement or promotion that these places might offer you, they are all  scams and no will not deliver on the promises that are made to you at the time of purchase. This is a common ploy used by timeshare sales people. The sales people lure people into buying by telling them they can rent their extra weeks for big bucks. it's just not true.

Many of these "rental agencies" will state they do not require annual dues or commissions from the property owners. They allege a MP owner can list as many weeks as wished. This is a false statement, they will charge upfront fees for the weeks that are supposedly being rented; they make their money from the upfront fees and commissions that will be billed to you. Mexican regulations forbid offering of gifts, free vacation certificates or any other promotion strategies without informing the consumer the specific purpose of the offer; this includes the rental of a timeshare.


In order to protect yourself, avoid any person who approaches you inviting you to a free breakfast and a tour of the resort that you are staying at. This is the way they will attract your attention by offering free tours, gifts and many more prizes.  Avoid them altogether because once you fall in their trap they will find a way of convincing you to purchase a timeshare no matter how unnecessary it is.

If you feel you have been misrepresented into buying a fraudulent timeshare contract, contact us at Mexican Timeshare Solutions (MTS) for your free consultation on how you can get rid of your timeshare.

MTS does not charge any upfront fees. MTS is a results-based organization that works hard to protect and fight for consumer rights. MTS does not have any relationship with timeshare developers and excellent success rate in cancelling timeshare contracts and recovering timeshare owners’ money. Our experts work on a 100% contingency basis, meaning, if our Associates cannot cancel your timeshare contract successfully, you do not pay us a penny.

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  • daveAugust 18, 2014, 7:24 am

    Timeshares are one of the biggest scams on the market today. Once you are stuck in one, you are stuck in a black hole.

  • PattiJune 16, 2014, 2:02 pm

    GGC is a scam!!!! they charge me an upfront fee of $599.00 plus IVA $65.89 total $664.89 to rent my 3 weeks at the Grand Bliss and that was 2 years ago. They never rented my weeks!

  • Frank FranconeMay 22, 2014, 2:41 pm

    I sent the following communication today to Global Golf.

    Dear Sirs:

    Straightforward Shooting LLC purchased 3 weeks from Mayan Resorts last year in their partners program. Two years worth (6 weeks) are now with GCC. Mayan referred me to GCC. I have been in regular telephone communication with GCC since then.

    I have been repeatedly told wildly inconsistent things by various representatives about our position in the sales queue, when I could expect to make a sale, whether deposits have already been made on the units, the sales environment, the sales that have been made and other items. In fact, Mr. Bogess admitted in April of this year that GCC personnel had lied to me about these matters. The people I have spoken to at GCC include Alexander, Eddie Brown, Jay Collins, and Brian Burgess.

    It is time to resolve this matter, rent our units, and to pay us.

    This email is not intended as a complete statement of the facts regarding this matter nor as a waiver of any of Straightforward Shooting LLC, Tina Francone’s or Frank Francone’s rights, all of which are expressly reserved.

    Frank D. Francone

    P.S. We purchased an investment time share with the Mayan resorts. They made horrible misresrentations about the program and the saleability of the units. They referred us to Global Golf, who have admitted to me they hold 80% of the Mayan inventory. So this looks an awful lot like a joint scam between the two companies.

  • MilagrosDecember 23, 2013, 10:15 am

    una mas... gracias por mantenernos informados de esto, todos deberian saberlo y asi no ser parte de estas estafas

  • FelipeSeptember 22, 2013, 6:28 pm

    Lo único que les interesa es vender. Deberían de mejorar las regulaciones y ponerles mas sanciones a las empresas fraudulentas por tiempo compartido

  • MonicaSeptember 16, 2013, 12:05 am

    Debemos rechazar cada una de sus ofertas, y todos esos regalos, muchas personas piensan que no los podran convencer, pero despues de todo terminan cediendo, lo mejor es no tener ningun tipo de contacto con ellos

  • FridaSeptember 16, 2013, 12:01 am

    me impresiona la capacidad de esta gente de engañarnos, de hacernos creer cualquier cosa para comprar todo lo que nos ofrecen, incluso meterse con los intereses de las personas para lograr lo que quieren, impresionante!!!!

  • RicardoSeptember 15, 2013, 11:59 pm

    Mayan Palace, siempre inventando cosas nuevas para estafar mas gente, son una verguenza

  • Jeremy StabileSeptember 2, 2013, 2:12 pm

    I have started a timeshare with the Mayan Palace with the sole intention of using GGC to rent out my weeks to help pay for payments associated with the time-share. I have signed up with the Preferred membership (additional fee) around March/April 2013. To this date nothing has been rented nor any positive results while using the Mayan membership at all. Are you saying that you indeed was successfully able to get your weeks rented using GGC membership? If so, how long did it take for it to rent?

    Every time I call them they keep giving me excuses that they are over-whelmed or RCI took most of their spots for a few months thus they are backlogged… and my weeks will be rented in a few weeks etc… and it is tiresome and I feel they are milking me and telling me what I want to hear without any results at this point. I feel that both GGC and the Grand Mayan are scamming me but my main issue at this point is GGC's program not working especially for a preferred member and for a company that claims to have such a high rental rate and "shortage" they shouldn't be having problems renting them out. Any thoughts or advice you or anyone can give me? Should I pursue a refund/reconciliation of some kind or am I being paranoid?

  • gullibleJanuary 26, 2013, 9:52 am

    This article is so very right on. We were given the number of Global Golf connections by our timeshare presenter. She said that our property, two suites at the Mayan Palace, could rent out for $700. This was so convincing to us in that this money would help us pay for our maintenance fee that we bought!! Dumb! She told us to contact Global in January. We did. This beginning a long, ugly process of phone calls not returned, money taken out of our credit card account without authorization, lies, promises to send e-mails, which were never sent, money said to be returned to our account via PAY Pal because the Mexican banks took such a long time. On and on and on. Ultimately I began to read web sites telling of this company. Global Golf said not to believe the web sites because they are just disgruntled customers. Disgruntled, yes.! Lied to, yes! Do not, do not trust these people. They will take your money without proper paper authorization. They will lie about the fact that the have rentals for your property even though the property has not been listed yet!! And they will sound sincere. They are good at what they do; getting your money. I was told that my money, because of a January promotion, would be refunded once the property is rented. And that's another catch: they have the money so why do they have to worry about the rental. Beware!!!!!!

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