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Escrow liquidation timeshare companies: Taking Timeshare Scam to a New Level

Escrow liquidation timeshare companies: Taking Timeshare Scam to a New Level
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Timeshare scams are evolving continuously, learn the new tricks of timeshare scam so you do not fall victim of one of them.

Our associates at Mexican Timeshare Solutions have noticed a new wave of timeshare scam victims that have been defrauded repeatedly by the same companies, Usually introducing themselves as Property escrow companies.

At the time of purchasing the original timeshare membership, many consumers of Mexican timeshares are referred to Escrow liquidation Services in order to rent out their weeks or resell their previously owned timeshare within a short time period, typical 90 – 360 days.

The clients pay a fee to list their timeshare for rental or resale. During this time period, the clients thinks that everything is going according to plan, so they wait for the results, and continue to make payments to the resort to pay off their timeshare membership. Some clients even choose to pay off the membership in full so as to not incur any interest charges.


 The Waiting Period

This waiting period, is a delay tactic conceived by both the resorts and the rental/resale company to ensure that the client is deeply committed into their timeshare contract, without have the option to rescind. Once the time period is up, the clients begin to question the "escrow company", and are often given many excuses, such as the weak economy, as reasons why the rental or resale has not been achieved. If clients are persistent in their complaints, these companies will block their phone number and change their email address to discontinue all communication with the timeshare victims.

The scenario listed above is one of the most common timeshare scams, and is perpetrated by many different companies throughout Mexico and the US. Recently, we have heard from many timeshare scam victims who have been defrauded to a much deeper level by timeshare "escrow companies". These clients normally have tried to rent their weeks through them without success, but have not pursued many complaints with them, so have continued amicable relations.

"We have a buyer"

After a year or so of not being able to rent, they received a call saying that they have a buyer who is interested in purchasing the client’s timeshare membership. The client is asked to pay a fee for the title search and other administrative costs, which typically costs over $1000.

The clients that have called us about this timeshare scam have told us that these alleged escrow companies customer service and communication style was very professionally executed and appeared to be completely legitimate. They continuously updated the clients on the status of the sale and presented deadlines about when they would receive paperwork and the final payment for the sale of their timeshare.

Unfortunately, recovering the money from the resale and rental agents is extremely difficult as they seem to disappear very quickly. In the end, the clients are left with their fraudulent c ontract, and are out thousands more hard earned dollars. Their natural reaction is to feel betrayed, skeptical and helpless.

Possibilities to cancel a timeshare contract

Fortunately, there are still possibilities to cancel their timeshare contracts in Mexico. The staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions is knowledgeable with all types of Mexican timeshare contracts and is able to assist with the cancellation and potential recovery of the money paid to the timeshare resort, without charging any upfront fees.

After being scammed not once, not twice, but three times, there is no value in paying upfront for timeshare cancellation as the risk of being defrauded again in this industry is too high. The only way to successfully cancel your timeshare is to pay for results. With the services of Mexican Timeshare Solutions, you will only be invoiced if we are able to cancel your contract. If we do not succeed, you do not pay a cent. Contact us today for a free consultation and analysis of your timeshare contract.

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  • Francine WardApril 8, 2014, 11:51 am

    I just think people need to be aware and pay attention to the small print. In my experience as a lawyer, most folks do not read agreements before they sign. There in lies the problem.

  • LisaApril 7, 2014, 7:44 am

    Yeah, I disagree about the timeshare being worthless. It boils down to education.

  • ThaliaDecember 23, 2013, 10:36 am

    no puedo creer lo que acabo de leer, es una pena que esto siga pasando, ya deberian ponerle un alto!!!

  • GabrielSeptember 22, 2013, 6:24 pm

    a mi me llevaron de tiempo compartido y nunca comprendi como es que beneficiaba a mis vacaciones, despues me entere por medio de un amigo que nunca pudo vacacionar como se lo habian prometido

  • marJune 8, 2013, 5:52 pm

    sierra me estafo con una suma de casi 8000 pesos mexcianos diciendo que pondría en renta mi tiempo compartido nunca mas los pude contactar

  • OglodytJuly 19, 2012, 1:40 pm

    Sierra strung a bunch of people along for almost a year with promises of a bulk purchase of 100 units at Velas Vallarta, as well as some other resorts. Sierra required upfront payments from the participants for various purposes (title search, paperwork, taxes, etc.), which was to be reimbursed from sale proceeds. A few months ago Sierra suddenly closed doors and disappeared with the money.

    Based on recent posts an outfit called Priority Escrow and Transfers is now contacting people victims of the Sierra scam, ostensibly on behalf of the buyer that Sierra was supposedly representing. Priority is telling people that the buyer wants to either conclude the sale or cancel the sale so that the money can be gotten out of escrow.

    Of course, to make either event happen the seller needs to kick in extra money to pay Mexican government fees that Sierra was supposed to take care of but didn't.

    This is just a continuation of the scam, working the phone list again to get people to kick in yet another round of money. If you're thinking about it, please don't do it.

  • am1July 19, 2012, 1:23 pm

    With all these scams it really hurts the credability of everyone. I guess it is an easy market to scam people.

    My question is how do legitimate sellers make money on selling a worthless timeshare? Seems like money upfront is the only way to make it worthwhile.

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