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Timeshare Issues: Availability in the resort

Timeshare Issues: Availability in the resort
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There are lots of complaints about timeshares: timeshare fees, they are difficult to rent, the misleading sales practices, the resort never has availability, among others. The above are the most common timeshare issues; in this article we are going to talk about the availability in the resort.

At the moment of the timeshare presentation, the timeshare sales people convince you to buy a timeshare property under false promises, one of them are that you can travel whenever you want to the resort, but this is a lie. Let’s understand first what a timeshare is.

What is a timeshare?

A timeshare is the right to use a property for a certain period of time every year, in which multiple owners have rights to use the timeshare property and each owner is allocated a period of time to use it. Usually the owners have one week and almost always in the same time every year. Every owner pays a part of the full price for the property.

For instance, you can use your timeshare week once a year, and the rest of the year, other owners who also bought a week get to use the timeshare property. This is typically the way timeshares work.

Timeshare Issues: Availability in the resort

One of the most common timeshare issues is that there is never availability in the timeshare resort.

Most people buy timeshares with the idea of travel whenever they want because that is what timeshare salesperson promise at the timeshare sales pitch, and timeshare owners have the thought that they can make a reservation at the moment they want, but if you do a research on the internet, you will find many complaints about the availability in timeshare resorts.

Many timeshare owners complaint that despite they are paying for their maintenance fees and annual fees, which are not cheap at all, they are never able to make a reservation. Even you try to make a reservation in advance, 6 months or 1 year, the resort only denies the spaces.

This is one of the reasons why people want to get out of timeshares, because they are never able to go to the destination.


How do I get out?

Whichever is your problem, you have rights as a timeshare owner, and yes, you can get out of this timeshare situation.

There are many solutions to get out of a timeshare, not all of them are good options, but some people decide to use them:, which are: timeshare resales, timeshare donation, timeshare rentals, timeshare transfer, among others.

All of these timeshare “solutions” are very difficult to accomplish. There is no market for timeshares; in fact, no one wants a timeshare because a timeshare has no value, besides, you will lose so much money trying to do the process. Actually, the only good solution to get out of a timeshare is by cancelling it.

There are numerous advantages if you cancel a timeshare. This is an efficient alternative because you won’t pay timeshare maintenance fees again, you won’t have more debt, you will have financial stability, and you can travel on your own at a better price, just to mention a few advantages. For those reasons, timeshare cancellation is the best alternative, not only for being the easiest way to dump a timeshare, but also is the most effective solution.

There are several timeshare cancellation companies who claim to help people cancel their timeshares, but do not trust these companies if they charge fees upfront. It is important to do a research on the company before making any deal with it. Mexican Timeshare Solutions only collect a fee until the contract is fully cancelled. Contact us for a free consultation and fully advice on how to get out of your timeshare issues.

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  • TonyNovember 2, 2015, 1:10 am

    Gracias, pero en lo que respecta ami , no tuve oportunidad contra el resort, nunca pude utilizar lo que segun habia comprado , promesas y mas promesas , levante una demanda pero me salio peor, tuve que solicitar ayuda a un abogado , aun ando metido en el lio , un gran problema si no sabes o lees bien el contrato.

  • Matias TraversOctober 28, 2015, 3:07 pm

    I have a timeshare with Villa del Palmar that I bought 2 months ago. ¿How can I cancel it? I have never been able to use it. Villa Group is very scammer. Don't buy there!

  • Alma LopezOctober 26, 2015, 2:06 pm

    What can I do? I need legal help. I live in Guatemala and sign a timeshare contract. How can I terminate the contract with this company? I have never been able to use it and I already finished paying it but they are charging me the maintenance fees since 4 years and I don't want something I never use.

  • VickyOctober 26, 2015, 1:16 pm

    Hello everyone! I own a timeshare at Melia Club in Cozumel and I want to get rid of it. They told me that to do that I need to pay them a thousand of dollars, thing I don't want to do. I was never able to use it and I don't want to keep paying for something I can't use.

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