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Sunset Group Timeshare complaints

Sunset Group Timeshare complaints
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Sunset Resorts are very luxurious and beautiful. The rooms are spacious, the food is great and the service is fabulous. Everything is great, except timeshares.

The Sunset timeshare is a scam with lowest ethical standards. They tell you lies to make you buy their timeshare vacation packages.

Its legal name is Royal Fisherman’s S.A de C.V, Promotora Sunset Beach Clubs, S.A de C.V. It works with four resorts located in Cancun and Riviera Maya. These resorts are Sunset Fisherman, Sunset Laggon, Sunset Yacht Club and Hacienda Tres Rios.

Is well known that timeshare scams are on the rise and Sunset timeshare is not an exception, as we have read in:

Sunset Group Timeshare Complaints

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Complaints about Sunset Group Timeshare

  1. The timeshare presentation is very high-pressure and very distracting. They ask you to sit through a 90 min meeting.
  2. Salesperson promises to buy back the timeshare at a better price should the client ever decide that they no longer want to use it.
  3. There is misrepresentation, misleading by the sales agent about what is in the contract.
  4. When you try to cancel within the 5 days period, they say you signed a paper waiving that right. The Sunset Group will block emails and faxes and refuse written notice of cancellation.
  5. Timeshare salesperson promises that they can rent out their weeks for over 4 times the price of the price of the maintenance fees.
  6.  Timeshare maintenance fees highly increase every year.
  7. The clients are referred to a rental company that charges them a listing fee to market the property and does not rent your timeshare weeks.
  8. Timeshare salespeople tell you that buying a Sunset Group timeshare is a good investment.
  9. They tell you that you can make timeshare exchanges without paying fees.
  10. Timeshare salespeople use hardcore sales tactics and they will tell you anything you want to hear to make you sign the contract.

 Like these, there are many more complaints about Sunset Group . If you would like to read other timeshare complaints, visit our black list of timeshare fraud resorts.


 How to rescind of my timeshare?

If you purchased a Sunset Group timeshare and you don’t want it or you cannot afford it, there are many options that you may consider.

Timeshare Resale: This could be an option, but the timeshare resale market is not at its best moment and timeshare prices are so low. Besides there are many timeshare resale companies that ask you for an upfront and they never sell your timeshare. Sell your timeshare is not a good option.

Timeshare Rental: This is another option you should consider but on the understanding that rent a timeshare is very difficult. There are also timeshare rental companies that claim to help people rent their timeshares, but these companies also ask for money upfront and your timeshare is never rented.

Timeshare Donation: Itis very difficultto find an organization that wants a timeshare, since they have no value. Timeshare donation is not the best option.

Timeshare Transfer: Transfer a timeshare is a very difficult process and people usually end up paying lots of transfer fees.

 Cancel your timeshare – Your best solution

To get rid of your unwanted Sunset Group timeshare, the cancellation of the contract is evidently the best solution. When a contract is appropriately cancelled, you will not have any more strings attached to the resort and Sunset Group cannot charge you anything more.

Yes, cancel the timeshare is the best solution, but this process requires lots of time and negotiations with the resort, which means that is not easy. At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, as specialists in the timeshare industry, we are committed to offer timeshare help. MTS is a legitimate company and our associates have several years experience. The best of all, we do not charge upfront fees, this is our guarantee. Contact us for a free consultation and rescind your Sunset Group timeshare.

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 To know more of these timeshare scams, visit:

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  • Javi.May 4, 2015, 10:09 am

    Yo tuve una malisima experiencia con estas personas, hasta la fecha me arrepiento muchisimo de aver adquirido un tiempo compartido con ellos, la verdad es que no pense que esto de los tiempos compartidos fuera tan complicado , si tan solo alguien me hubiera alertado primero antes de comprar con estas lacras todo hubiera sido diferente.

  • LaraApril 20, 2015, 1:11 am

    Estas personas son unas estafadoras! ami novio le robaron vilmente, lo engañaron y prometieron mil cosas y beneficios y jamas pudo utilizarlo ni nada, por si fuera poco le estaba exigiendo que renovara su memebresia , la vd nose como gente como esta sigue operando , fraude !

  • LaraApril 20, 2015, 1:11 am

    Estas personas son unas estafadoras! ami novio le robaron vilmente, lo engañaron y prometieron mil cosas y beneficios y jamas pudo utilizarlo ni nada, por si fuera poco le estaba exigiendo que renovara su memebresia , la vd nose como gente como esta sigue operando , fraude !

  • CatalinaApril 13, 2015, 2:51 am

    los vendedores se inventan hasta lo que no jajajajaja dicen tantas mentiras que a veces suenan hasta imposibles o ridiculas, tengan muchisimo cuidado y sepan diferenciar esto, no se dejen engañar, es todo lo que quieren, que firmemos jajaj

  • KarinaMarzo 30, 2015, 4:08 pm

    que te juren que un tiempo compartido es una gran inversion y que segun ellos te demuestren y te expliquen porque... NO TIENE NOMBRE!! al final todo era mentiras, compre algo de lo que en ves de ganar voy a perder.. y muchisimo! porfavor ayudenme a cancelarlo!

  • david LuisMarzo 30, 2015, 10:16 am

    at first like every tourist on a different country we want to enjoy and to feel free of any pressure , all people was very kind to me and my girlfriend, then a friend of mine told us to go to these hotel or whatever it is , so that time my wife and i we have a lot free time , so we decide to go and to see what could happen..and yes like a herd of wolves , like 5 or 7 opc came to us offering "the big deal of our lives " tnx God im a very cold person on bussines so we ignore completely those guys, you already know that nothing is free on this life ,this sucks

  • TiffanyMarzo 16, 2015, 11:19 am

    My parents attended to a timeshare presentation at Sunset Group. They were lied and totally misrepresented, they are elders and sunset group took advantage of it, they didn´t care about their age they lied to them without any hesitation or regret in order to make easy money.

  • beto Marzo 16, 2015, 12:54 am

    la peor experiencia que pude aver tenido en mi vida, fue con estas personas, de vd que son de lo peor, cobran carisimo para que nisiquiera uno pueda usar de los servicios, me salieron con que para usar ciertos servicios debia de hacer un upgrade, osea que es eso [? son una estafa !

  • GisselaMarzo 2, 2015, 9:22 am

    como a muchos me dijeron que comprar con ellos era la mejor inversion que podia hacer, que podia rentar despues mis semanas y ellos me ayudarian, pues dejenme decirles que ES MENTIRA, ellos nunca me han ayudado, ignoran todos mis correos, y cuando ha llegado a ser posible comunicarme me dicen que estan en eso, pero nada pasa! tengan muchisimo cuidado, ALEJENSE

  • MichaelMarzo 2, 2015, 9:02 am

    This has got to be the worst service in the world. They claim to have received an award for "customer service" but they must have purchased it.
    We brought a 1 bedroom unit that was suppose to be available anytime we wanted to use it. We tried securing a vacation and were told it was not available.

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