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How to give away a timeshare

How to give away a timeshare
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It’s a classic situation: You are on vacations, walking on the beach, when suddenly you get approached by an enthusiastic salesman. He offers you a free breakfast, discount coupons and a city tour, all you have to do is to attend a 90-minute timeshare sales presentation. You immediately accept the offer; after all, what could be wrong about that?

Timeshares are clearly not for most people, however, they are constantly offered to anyone who is on vacations. Although there are lots of people who agree going to the presentation just to get the freebies, unfortunately, many of them end up falling for the trap. Read this article to know more on how to give away a timeshare.

Timeshare owners who regret their purchases are on the rise

Even though there are lots of timeshare owners who feel happy about their purchases, there are millions of others who regret having bought theirs and would love to know how to give away a timeshare.

The reasons to get rid of a timeshare are many. Several people feel they were scammed with the promises made by the timeshare salespeople. They were told their purchase would become an “investment”, or that they could rent it easily, which is very unlikely.

Nevertheless, not all timeshare purchasers feel they were scammed during the presentation. Some others want to get rid of their timeshares because they are not able to afford them anymore, especially on this struggling economy.

Others realize that they will not be able to use it for any longer, and other ones just get bored of vacationing at the same place every year. Whatever the reason is, they all want the same thing: to get out of timeshare contract.


How to give away a timeshare

A timeshare might be difficult to get rid of, but not impossible. These are 4 of the most common solutions on how to give away a timeshare:

Sell your timeshare: This would be the easiest solution to get out of a timeshare legally… if only the resale market wasn’t so poor. Timeshares are extremely difficult to sell, in fact, they are almost impossible to sell. There are over 600 timeshare units on the resale market for every prospect buyer.

  • Donate

Donate your timeshare: Timeshare donation to charity has a few advantages. Once you donate your timeshare, it won’t be your problem anymore, and you might get a small tax deduction for the charitable contribution.

Unfortunately, most charity organizations refuse to accept timeshare since they are not willing to clear off the outstanding debt, and even if the timeshare is paid in full, they wouldn’t be happy to pay the annual timeshare fees.

  • Give away

Give it to someone else: This should be considered as a last resort option. Find someone who is willing to take your timeshare off your hands and assume the financial obligations that come with it.

  • Cancel

Cancel a timeshare: This is the best solution to get rid of a timeshare efficiently. When a timeshare is properly cancelled, the financial obligations attached to the resort will be gone: no more threatening calls, no more debt, and no more maintenance fees.   It is important, however, to cancel your timeshare agreement through the right professionals in order to avoid being scammed.

Beware of con artists: Never pay an upfront fee in an effort to get rid of your timeshare.

how to give away a timeshare

Do not let this happen to you

If you are stuck with a timeshare you no longer want, do not feel embarrassed about it, you are not the only one. At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we specialize on cancelling timeshare contracts.  As specialists in the timeshare industry, we are committed to offering timeshare help in a fast, friendly and experienced service to clients.

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How to rescind a timeshare contract?

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  • JesusMay 23, 2014, 3:03 pm

    necesito cancelar mi tiempo compartido, los pagos por mantenimiento han aumentado muchisimo estos años y la verdad ya no puedo seguir costeandome esto, ademas que he pasado varias ocasiones sin poder hacer uso de mi tiempo compartido

  • MarcelaMay 14, 2014, 5:28 pm

    me gustaria cancelar lo mas pronto posible, ya no puedo pagar las cuotas de mantenimiento y nisiquiera estoy haciendo uso de mi tiempo compartido.. hace poco mas de 2 años que lo compre, ayuda porfavor!!

  • JoeApril 13, 2014, 7:49 pm

    The best you can do is to cancel, no one wants timeshares nowadays!

  • JoeApril 13, 2014, 7:49 pm

    The best you can do is to cancel, no one wants timeshares nowadays!

  • daniacasMarzo 11, 2014, 12:56 pm

    There are far too many timeshare resale scams (and owners falling victim to disreputable companies), which is why the timeshare industry works with state law enforcement officials to help rein-in bad practices, and with state lawmakers to pass better legislation making timeshare resale laws stricter.

    While there are reputable resellers as well as real estate agents who focus on timeshare, consumers should always research a company to determine its legitimacy before paying them a fee.

  • DanielleMarzo 10, 2014, 9:06 am

    i don't think that theres someone in the whole world that wants a timeshare, even if it's donated or something

  • RobertoMarzo 3, 2014, 9:03 am

    give away doesn't seems to be the best option.. i think the best option is to cancel!

  • WalterFebruary 11, 2014, 2:37 am

    ha sido lo mas dificil, librarse no es tan sencillo, lo mejor creo yo es que alguien con experiencia se encargue de esto, es algo muy desgastante

  • widuJanuary 28, 2014, 10:08 am

    I signed a contract with a Mexican timeshare. I have had buyers remorse. They that we had to sign right then and there. I didn't have time to think about it nor research the company. I purchased a timeshare on Jan. 18th. 2009. How can I get out of the contract? I had to give up my Marriott timeshares to them and give them over $5000.00 down and I still owe them Over $16,000.00 Can I cancel my credit card down payment? What are the repercussions in Mexican law if I do that.

  • tinkJanuary 27, 2014, 12:31 pm

    I own 500,000 points in a Timeshare through Wyndham, I pay $162.00 a month in maintenance fees. The Timeshare Deed is completely paid for. I don't want any capitol gain from it. I just want to get away from the maintenance fees every month. This deed cost me approximately $75,000.00. I can travel all over the world with these points. Pay for airfare, tickets to Disney with the points. Can take cruises with my points. Do not want to damage my credit by trying too just stop the maintenance fee payments. Can anyone give me some advice?

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