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Puerto Bahía Villas & Spa Timeshare Complaints

Puerto Bahía Villas & Spa

Puerto Bahía Villas & Spa Timeshare Complaints
  Legal Name:
Ecoturismo de Bahía de Banderas S de RL de CV
  Resort sales locations
Puerto Vallarta
  Rental Companies:
Remax Paraiso, Platinum Resort Services
Common Complaints: 
  • it’s sold as "Real State" but in fact is a timeshare contract.
  • Sales people guarantee that if the resort is not completly build in 2 years the client will receive all monies paid but it is not stated anywhere in the contract. 
  • the sales people offer to "trade-in" timeshares in no more than 90 days but at the end of that timeframe, client is stuck with the old and Puerto Bahia timeshare.

Puerto Bahía Villas & Spa Phone:
Toll free from the U.S. & Canada 1-866-286-2108
 Local number in Mexico 322-115-9990

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52 Complaints
  • miss MMay 17, 2013, 10:34 am

    we we were told the ame thing...although when they bough our other timeshare, we subtracted it from the price although,, theysaid they would rent out our new time share every year for 5 years and that would pay what we paid.
    as of yet, it has not bee n rented out so, this was a big scam...

  • LadydiMarzo 12, 2013, 11:38 am

    I to was scammed by Puerto Bahia Villas and Spas in Mexico. They promised me things during the presentation that they did not deliver at the end of the presentation. They are nothing but a bunch of liers out to take peoples money for their own benefit. DO NOT TRUST THEM. I was scammed out of $17,795 USD. I tried to cancel with no result. I couldn't even get any satisfaction out of my credit card company. I feel credit card companies could play a big role in helping to stop this scamming. After all, who supports these credit companies - Not people living in Mexico. These people need to be stopped from scamming tourists that vacation in Mexico. If it weren,t for tourists, Mexico wouldn't even be on the map. They should be ashamed for what they are doing. Somehow we all need to form together to stop this. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and we need the grease (our money back from these scammers). Puerta Bahia has ruined my life and taken things from me that I will never get back, such as my family and my financial independence. Nobody has the right to do that to any human being. It appears that they tell different stories to different people just to convience people to make a sale. They told me they would buy my Myan Palace for $33,800. They knew that would never happen. I later got a phone call from some Property Management company in Missouri saying they had a buyer for my Myan Palace, but they wanted another $897 USD to complete the process - another scam. Bunch of dam rotten liers. They are the lowest thing to the ground and that is a snake. The bad thing about this thing is tha people do not know that this scamming is happening until the get caught up in it while in Mexico.. We need to get this information out to people before they vacationing in Mexico, not after the fact. We as honest law abiding CHRISTIANS have to do what we can to stop this right now. I don't know how to do that, but I hope someone out there does.

  • Robert HMarzo 9, 2013, 3:51 pm

    I know next time we are in Mexico I will warn all I see about The lies taht Todd ,Steve And the others tell you At the Puerto Bahia Villas At LaCruz. Go into It knowing that Todd Is the biggest Lier I have ever met .Not sure of his last name but he is from Wisconsin and his wife works there as well . Are that may be a lie as well. Read everything before singing anything What Todd tells you and what the paperwork says is not the same. He will tell you to just sign the papers . Don't

  • James February 26, 2013, 3:32 pm

    Puerto Bahia is a great place, is Real State

  • jcbfireFebruary 16, 2013, 7:38 pm

    I have concerns too about PBV. Please email me so we can compare notes. Email is [E-mail]

  • AnnFebruary 7, 2013, 9:34 am

    We have the same basic Puerto Bahia story as everyone – We were enticed to visit a 90 minute presentation that went on for 5 hours of pressure and what appeared to be a deal too good to be true. We got sucked in and the next day tried to cancel. The day after that we went to the government Profeco office and they made up a directive statement which we were told to hand deliver and to also send it certified mail We did hand deliver and photographed the delivery since the owner’s representative wouldn't sign for it and then we had DHL deliver this too. Profeco told us we should get our money back. And that we should send an email in 15 days if the credit card wasn’t refunded. I have emailed the address given to us twice with attachments and an explanation but have not been able to get acknowledgement back that the email has been received. I also told American express to not pay them as this was a scam and I was disputing it. They indicate a few months to investigate. So far I am out about 8700.00 including Peso exchange fees. I am wondering if anyone has received a refund with or without the help of Profeco.

  • Carol A. LambertJanuary 20, 2013, 4:42 am

    All the same as Linda Curtis states, and after 1 year, I still have not gotten my money for the purchase of my Royal Holiday Club contract with Platinum Resort Services, promised within 180 days. I have a contract that states they have a purchaser for my RHC, with $16,000 in escrow account, but still no completion of that contract. If anone has this agreement with Platinm Resort Services and have a law suit pending, please have your lawyer contact me. Perhaps we can get a class action in the US... just a thought.

  • DiscardingJanuary 15, 2013, 5:08 pm

    We were interested in purchasing outright so we wouldn't have to deal with devalued timeshare (or "fractional ownership", apparently the mod term now) which they refused. They say the contract is for real estate so you automatically waive your right to the 5-business-day cancellation allowed under Mexican consumer protection law. If you want to end up with a timeshare, this place might be for you... but we were not comfortable with their tactics especially their lies about being able to guarantee a ridiculously high rate of return and saying that signing their contract would waive the 5-day buyers remorse protection when it doesn't according to PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection).

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